Sandringham Gardens Retirement & Care Home — Gauteng


Sandringham Gardens is situated in Sandringham Johannesburg. The facility was established in 1912, and has been taking care of the needs of older persons for over 100 years. It is home to over 500 elderly people, approximately 300 of who are in need of long-term, intensive medical and nursing care.

Fire Sales & Distributors (FSD) was asked to design, install and commission an approved fire detection system for the facility. Based on the high levels of support received from Technoswitch in the past, Clint Lange, manager of the FSD’s Fire Detection department, selected Technoswitch as the preferred supplier for this project.

Due to the age of the building, the construction is very solid, making the cable layout very challenging. Other challenges encountered were the aesthetics of the installation, especially in the on-site Shul, as well as the critical requirement to accurately place the sounders in the medical care areas.

More than 1,200 intelligent Apollo devices (detectors, call points, sounders, etc.) were installed in this remarkable residential facility.

The installation commenced in December 2014 and was completed in 2015.

Industries: Healthcare

Products Included: Intelligent