Revlon SA Head Office ― Isando, Gauteng


Revlon is a world leader in cosmetics, skin and personal care, and a leading mass-market cosmetics brand. Their global brand name recognition, product quality and marketing experience have enabled them to create one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world, with Revlon products sold in about 175 countries and territories.

Revlon South Africa recently commissioned a comprehensive fire detection system for their head office in Isando, Gauteng. The premises comprise an administration building, a warehouse and manufacturing facility. Brakpan-based fire detection and suppression installers, JMN Projects, were appointed to design and install the fire detection system.

The end user required the immediate identification of where an alarm is triggered, thereby calling for an intelligent fire detection system. An intelligent fire detection system uses a device’s unique address to automatically identify the device that triggered the alarm condition.

After a thorough investigation, JMN Projects proposed a fire detection solution comprising a one loop Advanced Intelligent Fire Panel, eight Fire Beam Reflective Optical Beam Detectors, 32 Apollo Optical Detectors, eight Discovery Manual Call Points, and 10 Apollo Sounder Beacons. Technoswitch 27.5 V DC Boxed Power Supplies were customised for the specific site requirements to provide battery backup for the Optical Beam Detectors.

The end user further requested the ability to receive emergency notifications from the fire detection system via mobile phone. The GS-22 SMS Communicator offers a cost-effective solution to transmit emergency signals from the fire panel’s Fire and Fault relays to a mobile phone.

Industries: Commercial, Warehousing, Logistics & Cold Storage

Products Included: Advanced Intelligent FACPs, Intelligent, Optical Beam Detection, SMS Communicator, Technoswitch PSUs