Mozambique-Zimbabwe Pipeline Company – Beira, Mozambique


In a world where safety and security are paramount, companies must invest in cutting-edge solutions to protect their assets. Mozambique-Zimbabwe Pipeline Company (CPMZ), a key player in fuel transportation, recognised the need to enhance its fire detection system and solve the persistent issue of false alarms.

CPMZ operates a 294km pipeline, connecting the Port of Beria to Zimbabwe, efficiently transporting refined fuel products. Their high-tech operations and highly qualified team work tirelessly to ensure a safe and sustainable fuel supply to the hinterland.

Like many companies in the energy sector, CPMZ had to contend with the persistent issue of false alarms in its fire detection system. These false alarms are not just a minor inconvenience – they disrupt operations and trigger unnecessary investigations. Such incidents jeopardise operational efficiency and pose a real risk to the company’s reputation and, more importantly, safety.

CPMZ needed a comprehensive solution to improve fire detection and provide a reliable means to investigate incidents efficiently.

Little Creek Fire & Security, in collaboration with Technoswitch, proposed a game-changing solution for CPMZ. The FlameSpec IR3 Flame Detector with High-Definition Camera offers cutting-edge features and effectively addresses the challenges faced on the site:

  • Flame Detection Unit: The IR3 HD flame detector’s advanced flame detection technology minimises false alarms by accurately identifying genuine fire incidents. Moreover, the detector offers an event log and on-site configuration options, allowing it to be fine-tuned to suit CPMZ’s unique requirements.
  • Integrated HD Camera: The Ex-certified flame detector’s integrated high-definition camera enables CPMZ to monitor the fuel tanks visually. This feature is invaluable for investigating incidents, reviewing footage, and confirming the presence of an actual fire event.
  • Tailored Solution: Little Creek Fire & Security worked closely with Technoswitch to customise the installation according to the site’s specific needs. The strategic placement of the flame detector ensures optimal coverage of all four fuel tanks.

The deployment of the FlameSpec Triple IR HD flame detector yields several tangible benefits for CPMZ:

  • Reduced False Alarms: FlameSpec’s advanced technology significantly reduces false alarms, providing a more reliable and efficient fire detection system.
  • Visual Monitoring: The built-in HD camera enables real-time visual monitoring of the fuel tanks, enhances the speed of response to incidents, and is a vital tool for post-incident investigations. As an additional layer of security, high-definition video footage is continuously recorded on the flame detector, ensuring that critical events are never missed.
  • Enhanced Security: This comprehensive detection solution bolstered the overall security of this facility. It effectively mitigates the risks associated with false alarms and potential fire incidents.

Little Creek Fire & Security expressed profound satisfaction with the solution provided by Technoswitch. The FlameSpec flame detector integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, facilitating a straightforward installation process. Moreover, the reliability of Technoswitch’s products met and even exceeded the installer’s expectations.

This installation is a testament to how a tailored solution can effectively address specific challenges, delivering enhanced security and peace of mind to the end user. In a world where every second counts, CPMZ is now well-prepared to respond swiftly and decisively to any potential fire incident.

Industries: Transportation

Products Included: FlameSpec Flame Detector