Financial Services – Hatfield, Pretoria, Gauteng


A leading South African banking group was preparing to open the doors of its new Hatfield branch. As the finishing touches were being applied, a critical issue loomed: fire safety. Safety and security are top priorities for this thriving financial institution, and in an industry where precision and security are paramount, the need for an intelligent fire detection system that could pinpoint the exact location of a fire alarm became clear. The challenge was to find a powerful yet cost-effective fire alarm solution to meet these stringent requirements.

Advanced’s single-loop Go1 fire panel is renowned for its ease of use, affordability, and superior performance. It is ideal for protecting smaller sites – a perfect match with the size and needs of this facility. The Go1 fire panel range offers a simple user interface, making it easy for branch security personnel to operate. Addressable functionality was achieved at a fraction of the cost of similar addressable systems. The initial goal was completed, and all the client’s requirements were met.

Werner Zimmermann, installer and registered SAQCC designer, with his skilled team from Celsius Fire & Security, praised the Go1 panel, saying, “It was easy to install and program. Technoswitch is the best supplier and always offers topnotch technical support.”

The project had its fair share of challenges. The timeline was tight, and there was no room for glitches or delays. However, the team’s expertise and the user-friendly nature of the Go1 fire panel ensured a smooth installation process. Deadlines were met, and the project progressed without a hitch.

Industries: Commercial

Products Included: Advanced Intelligent FACPs, Warning Devices