Research Facility/Luxury Accommodation – Mozambique


The Bazaruto Archipelago, a WWF-acknowledged national park, is home to some of the richest yet least-explored subtropical ecosystems of the Indian Ocean. Still, it’s also a region threatened by industrial development and over-fishing. The Mozambican coast is sometimes described as Africa’s Lost Eden with its cobalt seas, subtropical forests, and diverse ecosystems. 

Technoswitch was approached by the developers of a world-renowned research facility to design a fire detection system that would protect each individual thatched residence and the research laboratories within the complex on the island. 

This facility combines conservation with luxury accommodation and is committed to a conservation program that pairs community development with environmental research to discover the archipelago’s unique habitat and marine ecosystems. Built from natural, sustainable materials, the residence is wholly integrated into the habitat and area. 

Phase 1 – Extin Maputo was chosen to install Technoswitch’s range of Weatherproof ORYX 2 and 4 zone conventional fire panels. In total, 19 panels were installed with SensoMAG detectors to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to ensure the villas are protected. 

Phase 2 – The site has a large number of villas and luxury accommodation. The obstacle was that the villas couldn’t be networked together by fibre or by copper. This posed a risk; therefore, Phase 2 was commenced to upgrade the system, whereby the standalone systems could be centrally monitored by a GSNet graphical software system over an IP backbone. 

Industries: Hospitality

Products Included: Conventional, GSNet Graphical Software, Heat & Smoke Point Detection, ORYX Conventional FACPs, Warning Devices