19 Nov

Advanced Fire Panels’ Default “Service Due Date” Setting

Written by Technoswitch

November 2019:

Is the default Service Due Date on your Advanced Fire Panel (relevant to TC5000 & TC4000) set for 10h00 on 6 January 2020?

If so, the panel will enter a fault condition when this date is reached to alert the site operator that a service visit is overdue.

To pre-empt this and prevent your panel going into fault, you can reset the Service Due Date Reminder following these easy steps:

  1. Tools > Commissioning (on the TC4000, simply select “Commissioning“) and enter your Level 3 code.
  2. Once in Level 3 Select Next Menu > Setup.
  3. Scroll down using the down arrow button and select the “Service Due Date” option.
  4. Enter an appropriate Time & Date for the next Service Due Date reminder.

This feature cannot be disabled. If you need any help, please contact your local Technoswitch Technical Support for assistance.