About Us

Technoswitch is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that designs, manufactures, imports and sells high quality fire detection and control equipment.

Technoswitch, with its headquarters, manufacturing and training facilities in Johannesburg, has been supplying and providing technical support for high quality fire detection products into sub-Saharan Africa for over 40 years. Our distribution network continues to increase with branches in Cape Town and Durban together with the ongoing addition of new distribution channels into sub-Saharan Africa.

With a staff complement of over 60 and a dedicated Technical and R&D department, Technoswitch has the experts to help us live up to our slogan “We Go Further”. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by providing outstanding customer service. Our support team is distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

Technoswitch designs and manufactures its own control equipment locally and complements these with an imported range of high quality intelligent control panels and other fire detection and signalling products. These world-class products include flame, smoke and heat detectors, aspirating smoke detectors, motorised beam detectors, linear heat detectors, warning devices, manual call points, extinguishants and more. Many of these are award-winning products and all of them have extensive certification approvals. Our suppliers are international leaders in their respective fields and include Apollo Fire Detectors, Advanced Electronics, Xtralis, Spectrex, Protectowire, Stat-X and The Fire Beam.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge and a large range of sophisticated, certified fire detection products makes Technoswitch the ideal choice as your preferred supplier of fire detection products.

Quality Policy

Technoswitch is committed to developing, implementing and continually improving a Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

As part of that commitment, Technoswitch endeavours to:

  • Listen to our customers and strive to deliver approved, reliable products and services that meet customer expectations.
  • To achieve increased market penetration in other African territories through the timely supply and support of quality fire detection products.
  • Adhere to the statutory and legal requirements applicable to our business.
  • Continuously offer learning opportunities to uplift and promote a positive workforce.
  • Implement and maintain healthy, ethical financial policies to create a stable financial backbone.
  • Continually promote a quality culture within the organisation to support the mission and vision of the company.
  • To achieve SAQCC accreditation of our external training courses and thereby technically uplifting our customer base and reducing the number of on-site technical enquiries.
  • To build the Technoswitch brand as the leading and preferred manufacturer and supplier of world-class fire detection products in sub-Saharan Africa, thereby increasing customer base, loyalty and retention.


Technoswitch is committed to manufacturing and distributing world-class fire detection equipment and by listening to our customer requirements; endeavour to deliver continually improved best-in-class service.

Technoswitch strives to be the leading and preferred manufacturer and supplier of fire detection equipment in sub-Saharan Africa by offering our customers quality, innovative and approved fire detection products with best-in-class customer service.


  • We act with integrity and honesty towards our customers, colleagues and suppliers.
  • We strive to work as a team to accomplish our goals and celebrate these together.
  • We are customer focused and strive to keep promises and commitments made.
  • We are accountable for our actions and results.
  • We strive for simplicity in our approach to business.